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The C.R.E.A.T.E. Program

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CREATE Program Director, Lillianne Condez

CREATE is an acronym that stands for Content Responsibility Education And Technique Exploration.

The CREATE Program is a social media strategy, technique, and online safety program that educates youth on how to navigate the social media world strategically and safely to enhance their own online wellbeing.

Youth today are living alongside the internet, in a society that documents every aspect of their lives. This means there is a budding opportunity for youth to be better prepped for the working world, learn entrepreneurial skills, and possibly even make a career out of their online presence. However, there is also an opportunity for youth to fall into situations that could place them at risk when they are simply trying to have fun.

Led by Dennison Memorial Community Center's Director of Public Relations, Lillianne Condez, CREATE provides Dennison Kids the opportunity to learn how to identify these threats, navigate the online world, and create content that builds community, reaches many people quickly, and showcases their talents through weekly lessons on various topics, exploration of different photography and videography techniques, and online research.

The CREATE Program runs for 9 weeks in the summer season from July to August. IF you or someone you know is interested in participating in the CREATE Program, please contact Lillianne Condez.


Dennison Memorial Community Center

755 South First Street

New Bedford, MA 02744


508 - 996 - 2691


Director, Lillianne Condez


If you are interested in hosting a  workshop for CREATE, please contact Director, Lillianne Condez

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