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“Do it for the TikTok!”, Dennison Memorial Prepares new Content Creation Summer Program

Lillianne Condez

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. - May 3, 2022

03 May, 2022

"Their entire lives are documented for the world to see and we know how it can be used to their benefit or as an obstacle for them as adults." (Condez, 2022)

Alongside the new edition of Dennison’s presence on multiple social media platforms, the non-profit organization has announced a new program determined to get Dennison Kids in on the magic. The Creation Responsibility Education And Technique Exploratory Program, or "CREATE", aims to teach its participants how to use social media strategically and responsibly as they enter a world of online presence.

“Growing up, my generation had to navigate social media as it was being made a key part of our culture. A huge part of our childhood was left to ourselves for our own development.” says Lillianne Condez, Director of Public Relations and leader of the CREATE Program. “ However, this generation of kids are growing up on social media. Their entire lives are documented for the world to see and we know how it can be used to their benefit or as an obstacle for them as adults.”(Condez, 2022)

CREATE will involve weekly meetings where participants will learn a new concept and be able to explore it through practice. After each meeting, students will have one week to complete a challenge which spans from research, writing, planning, or filming and editing a new piece of content. This content will then be reviewed and posted on Dennison social media platforms. “The whole point of the CREATE Program is to help our participants learn and use social media as a tool for them to succeed in the future.” (Condez, 2022)

The application period for the CREATE Program has begun and will continue till June 2, 2022! If you have a child who attends Dennison Memorial Community Center and would like to learn more about or apply for the CREATE Program please contact Lillianne Condez at

About Dennison Memorial Community Center.

Dennison Memorial Community Center is a historical beacon of the Southend of New Bedford, providing youth programs designed to encourage, educate, and empower children between the ages of 6 to 17 within the Southend area. Since our founding in 1868, Dennison has placed focus on the building of community and the betterment of people within that community. Dennison is located on South First Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and can answer any questions you have on our website,

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