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Raising Change: Dennison Starts Movement Building Funds for Programs

Lillianne Condez

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. - 17 May, 2022

Hard times require people to come together to help each other thrive and if there is one thing, Dennison Memorial Community Center knows, it's the power of community. It was with this concept in mind that the idea of a community promising financial support of Dennison's many programs aiding South End Youth was created. This community of supporters would later be named, The Dennison 100.

What is the Dennison 100?

The Dennison 100 is an elite group of 100 people who have promised to donate $1,000 towards Dennison's Programs. Members of the Dennison 100 have the option to donate $1,000 as a singular donation, receive 10 monthly $100 pledge invoices, 4 quarterly $250 pledge invoices or 2 semi-annual $500 pledge invoices. Membership pledges are still open to families, friends, and businesses who wish to be a part of the movement and community supporting Dennison's programs. These members will be honored on Dennison's social media, website page dedicated to the Dennison 100, and in a display in Dennison's center.

Where does my pledge go?

The money raised would provide Dennison the monetary foundation to develop it's academic and recreational programs and services to better service the South End Community, particularly South End Youth.

What if I cannot donate?

If you cannot donate monetarily, you can help this community movement simply by sharing it with yours. Let family, friends, and local businesses know of the Dennison 100. It is through our community that we all succeed.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Dennison 100 Club, please check out the Dennison 100 Club Page on our website:

About Dennison Memorial Community Center.

Dennison Memorial Community Center is a historical beacon of the Southend of New Bedford, providing youth programs designed to encourage, educate, and empower children between the ages of 6 to 17 within the Southend area. Since our founding in 1868, Dennison has placed focus on the building of community and the betterment of people within that community. Dennison is located on South First Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and can answer any questions you have on our website,

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